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About us

Trent End Grabs, based in Nottingham, is a reputable company that specializes in providing efficient grab hire services for construction and garden waste in the local area and its surroundings. With their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, they have established themselves as a trusted choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable waste removal solutions. Whether it's a small-scale garden renovation project or a large construction site,

Trent End Grabs offers a fleet of well-maintained and modern grab trucks, equipped with robust hydraulic arms capable of swiftly and safely collecting and disposing of waste materials. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals ensures that waste is handled and disposed of responsibly, adhering to environmental regulations. With their prompt and flexible services, Trent End Grabs makes waste removal hassle-free, enabling clients to focus on their projects with peace of mind.

A great company!

We needed 5 tonnes of garden waste removed at very short notice and Trent End Grabs was able to provide a fast, reliable service. Highly recommend this business to anyone local!

A massive thank you

I was given a much better quote from trent end grabs compared to another Nottingham business. These were very easy to call and get booked in.

Grab Hire in Action

We pride ourselves on our excellent pricing and friendly grab-hire service. We are quickly building as a leading company within Nottinghamshire and our work quality shows why.

Contact & Hire

Grab hire services provide a way to remove large amounts of waste typically from construction or landscaping projects.

Before enquiring about Grab Hire in Nottingham you should ensure our vehicle can enter your site with. On average these are around 3 metres wide. 

  • Aggregates, Concrete & Top Soil

  • General Rubbish

  • Green Waste - Grass, Hedge Trimmings & Flowers

  • Soil & Muck

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